This is all information you need to buy your ideal safe


  • What type of lock do you want – key, combination dial or digital lock?
  • What $ value of cash or valuables do you want to protect?
  • Do you also need to protect paper documents and/or electronic data such as computer discs?
  • What is the total overall volume, or size, of the contents you want to put in the safe?
  • How do you want to protect against Theft and Fire?
  • If you just want to secure cash & valuables then you need a THEFT RESISTING SAFE
  • If you want to protect valuable documents and/or computer media from fire then you need a FIRE RESISTING SAFE
  • If you want to protect against attack from theft and fire then you need a THEFT AND FIRE RESISTING SAFE

Please Note

Pricing and Specifications subject to change with out notification. All information provided is for reference only. Please contact us if you have any questions or unsure of the type of safe, cabinet or container you require. If you choose any product from these pages with out consultation with us, it is your responsibility to ensure that the product meets your/any specific requirements. Fire, Cash and Insurance Rating/values are to be used as a guide only.

Our Price and Service Promise To You

At H.A. Reed Locksmiths we have been providing the widest range of Australian and International safe brands to Queensland homes and businesses since 1875.

We pride ourselves on superior levels of service and having the right safe to suit your needs. But we also take great care to ensure our prices are competitive and give you great value. We set our prices against our competitors, and keep regular checks on what’s happening in the marketplace.

If by chance you ever are quoted a cheaper price elsewhere for an identical safe , we will beat it. Simply speak to our sales people, and after we have verified the lower price, we will beat it. That’s our Price Promise and that’s why you can trust you’ll get the best possible price from the H.A. Reed Locksmiths safe sales team.

Besides the great price, you’ll receive great service from Queensland’s best!

H.A. Reed Locksmiths safe sales team..