Access Control System Installation Brisbane

Premises and personnel management has become a complex issue and the ability to react instantly in order to retain control over whom and when access is gained is imperative, particularly for multi-user buildings and open access institutions.
The solution is the installation of an access control system capable of reading all types of card or token technology to accommodate the specific requirements of individual clients.
Our Systems offer Proximity Tokens and Cards, Touch Disk Tokens, Bio-metric Recognition, Smart Card or simple Digital Keypad and it should be noted that several different technologies can be incorporated into the same system.
Access control systems installed by H.A. Reed Locksmiths can range from a single door control system, with the potential to expand without redundancy to a multiple site computer based solution, operated with Microsoft Windows™ approved software.
This modular approach offers additional features including; Photo ID Card printing, Remote Site Modem link, Alarm Monitoring, Visitor Administration, Cashless Credit & Debiting and Roll Call/Time & Attendance
Finally, due consideration must be given to the integration with Fire Alarms, CCTV systems and to the locks and mundane but essential door hardware that the system will be expected to control.
These issues are so often overlooked in the rush to get the electronics and software installed. Impartial advice on the system and most suitable card or token technology to meet your needs is available from H.A. Reed Locksmiths.
Personnel management and administration is becoming more and more of a complex process lately. For office managers, it is very important to keep a close attention on the office bearers and their activities in the business premises. Access control is the new-age office automation solution in order to effectively and safely achieve this purpose. Different varieties of security and access control management systems are installed in all offices and other industries where security and restricted access is deemed important.
Our custom-designed access management systems offer variety of digital-mechanical devices as well as biometrics fingerprint type of mechanisms in order to provide you with the best results based on the purpose.
The access control devices offered by H.A. Reed ranges from single door access management to multiple location computer based access management systems. Adding to its vitality, access control systems are not standalone device for just door management and attendance monitoring, but also plays an important role in the security administration of business and residential structures. Such systems can be effectively integrated with the CCTV monitoring and fire alarms, which will provide you better features for monitoring and for security management of your building. Expert advice on selection and implementation of access control systems to meet your customised need is also available at H.A. Reed Locksmiths.