Door Furniture

Doors! as you all are aware, are vital components of your building structures. Be it at your home or office, doors offer privacy, security, as well as add beauty and style to your building structure.

This is the reason why people tend to spend a bit of extra bucks for top quality wood while choosing doors. However, it is not just the wood used for the door, but the furniture is also important to assure safety and beauty of your doors.

There are many categories of door furniture, which you have to carefully choose. For example, the doorknobs. There are different varieties of residential knobs and commercial knobs. Instead of knobs, you can also opt for residential levers or commercial levers.

There are wide ranges of residential levers designer varieties available. At, H.A Reed Locksmith, we also offer different residential porcelain varieties. Important door furniture hardware is the Push / Pull and commercial entrance handles. We also offer many models of residential mortice furniture.

The major choices in this are mortice furniture-plate, mortice furniture–rose, and mortice furniture stainless. If you want to get further expert inputs on door furniture, you can get the support of our home décor professionals who has years of experience and expertise.