Door Hardware Brisbane

Usually, people do not pay much attention to the doorknobs and other accessories until those start breaking down or get damaged. But, what is the point in spending a lot of money to choose your door wood and style if you ignore the importance of the door hardware!

If you’re undertaking your home construction now, the best place for you to be at is H.A. Reed Locksmiths to find a range of budget-friendly and high-quality door hardware and accessories.

You can choose among the Door Closer-Standard, Door Closer-Transom, Door Closer–Floor, Door closers – Door Springs etc. based on your purpose and comfort.

The door handles and knobs used for your exterior doors also need greater attention as these plays a vital role in security and protection of your family.

The interior door hardware for your bedroom doors and bathroom doors are also important as they not only provide privacy, but also help to add a little more style to your door furnishing.

We also offer additional door hardware as Panic / Exit Devices, Door Stops, and Strike Shield / Lock Boxes etc. There are different shapes and forms of door hardware available at our store. You can comfortably choose from many of the plain and varieties of utilitarian styles out here, which can help to add a distinct character to your rooms.