Key Storage & Keys

Usage of key cabinets is the ideal way to safely keep all varieties of keys at a single and convenient place. The digital key safes are now very common for the offices so that the authorised employees can access it, assuring safety as well as easy accessibility.

Apart from the digital boxes, there are also individual key cabinets, which can be opened and locked with the use of a unique master key.

We offer a variety of key safes in different designs and models for you to choose. The additional benefit of digital key storage cabinets is that the staff can only open it using certain security keywords, which is very easy for you to reset in case anyone resigns or is being replaced.

Key Box has become very popular among the households too. Being a very comfortable and safe mode of keeping all keys at one place for easy accessibility of all the home members, home key box sets are highly in demand.

However, it is important to choose the adequate device for you based on the number of keys and the level of security needed. We at H.A. Reed Locksmiths, offer you expert consultation to assess your requirement to find the right product and also provide you with technical assistance for installation and orientation.