You need the help of an expert locksmith to install or repair your locks. The ever-rising threat of burglary is also necessitating the usage of best quality security locks for your home and office.

At H.A. Reed Locksmiths, we offer the best quality home security products.

Master key is one such easy and effective security hardware you can choose. You can feel safe when you are out of home. Over the past few years, the master key systems had witnessed revolutionary changes.

People are now finding it very vital to have a master key in hand in case they lose the primary key to their doors. Master key systems like Generation Six are ideal for your home and office.

We also offer the master key systems like BiLock, Aboy Protec, Aboy Protec Cliq etc.
Master key systems are basically technical combination of a set of springs and pins working in unison to close or open a lock.

If you are using master key, then always make sure that you keep it safely and within easy reach. It is also beneficial that you make it known to a couple of your most trusted family friends on how to access it in case of any emergencies.

If you have recently brought a property, then make sure that the locks are in good condition. We can also help you in finding out the best choices in the master keys for your customised needs.