With the September school holidays on the horizon, many Brisbane families are planning and looking forward to getting away. Unfortunately, a house that is left empty for a long period of time is a prime target for intruders since the chances are they won’t be disturbed. With this in mind, now is the time to consider the prevention methods you can use to secure your home these school holidays and, hopefully, reduce the chance of break-in and theft.

We’ve put together this holiday security check list you can use before you head off on holidays:

  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property, collect your mail, put out/bring in your wheelie bins and even park a car in your driveway
  • If you are leaving your car at home, be sure to either hide your keys or give them to a trusted friend or neighbour
  • Disconnect your garage door
  • Use timer lights to switch lights on and off, helping to give your house a ‘lived in’ look
  • Lock valuables including jewellery, expensive handbags and shoes, electronic devices, important documents and keys away in a safe. View our range of safes.
  • Install security surveillance cameras/alarm system in obvious sight – they can be a big deterrent for potential thieves
  • Display security signs or stickers on windows and on/near doors and other entry points – these may make potential thieves think twice before attempting access to your property if they are likely to be caught on camera or to set off an alarm.

Finally, consider engaging our qualified locksmiths to complete a survey of your home security to identify any vulnerable areas that could benefit from an upgrade before you head away. Contact us by emailing sales@hareed.com.au or phoning 07 3854 1154.



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