Brisbane Safes, a division of H.A.Reed Locksmiths, is a leading supplier of new and used safes in South East Queensland. Our expert team of fully trained technicians can assist with all of your questions and servicing needs. The types of safes we supply include:

Nick Reed with safes that have been broken into, demonstrating that quality does impact security.

  • home safes
  • gun safes
  • drug and medical safes
  • fire resistant
  • lockboxes
  • wall or in ground floor
  • commercial safes
  • cash deposit safes
  • record protection and data safes
  • filing cabinets
  • key safes

To shop our range of products, visit our Brisbane Safes website or our showroom located at 5 Ross Street, Newstead. Alternatively, phone 07 3854 1154 or email

Safe Servicing

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Depending on the frequency of its use, a safe should be serviced every one or two years. Servicing includes the following:

  • Completely disassemble the combination lock.
  • Clean, adjust, and examine all parts.
  • Lubricate only the parts that require lubrication
  • Check any security re-locker bolts. Adjust if necessary.
  • Check locking bolts for free movement.

Safe Repairs

If you begin to have trouble opening your safe, you should have it checked out right away. Waiting until it won’t open before you call us can be a costly mistake. Once you are faced with a lock-out it can often cost several hundred dollars just to get the safe open (often requiring drilling), before repairs can even be made. Plus, not only do you have to repair the original problem, now you may also need to repair the drilled opening.

Safe Combination Changes

Some safes have mechanical combination locks that are user changeable. Others are definitely best left to the professional! While the actual procedures may differ from one manufacturer to another, the basic idea is the same.

Digital Safe Locks

There are many benefits to digital safe locks and at Brisbane Safes, we can assist you with digital lock installation on most safes. The advantages of a digital safe lock include:

  • The ability to be easily changed at a moments notice by the end user.
  • The ability to give separate combinations to different employees.
  • The ability to automatically lock out certain users during pre-determined times.
  • The ability to tell who opened the safe, and when they opened it through the use of audit trails.

Safe Installation

It is recommended that safes are bolted down to the floor because they don’t provide a lot of protection if someone can simply pick it up and carry it out the door. We can install your safe for you at a small additional charge.

Safe Delivery and Collection

We can arrange to deliver, collect or move your safe anywhere throughout Australia. Alternatively, you can pick up from our showroom at 5 Ross Street, Newstead.

Phone 07 3854 1154 or email

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